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19th October 2019 

About Counselling

Everybody suffers from mental distress at some point in their lives.

Counselling is classified as a talking therapy, which provides a space for individuals to explore personal issues that's causing concern or distress with a qualified specialist. Being able to talk through what's on your mind, can bring relief from worries that may help you to embrace life in a more passionate and creative way.

While counselling may not give concrete advice, what it does do is aid insight and understanding relating to personal issues or problems.

How I Work

Session Times and Frequency

Weekly 50 minute sessions will take place on a agreed day of the week and time.


Therapy can sometimes be a daunting and emotional experience, where at points there may be a reluctance to attend.
I normally suggest that clients commit to 4 - 6 weekly sessions before gauging the effectiveness of therapy.